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Dining experience at Bryggeri Ångkvarn

Ångkvarn is a unique restaurant and brewery pub in Uppsala. What sets us apart from other restaurants is our genuine passion for food throughout the whole chain, from the owner to the staff. Our chef loves to create well-composed dishes with quality and locally grown ingredients. Our pastry chef loves to bake. Our owner has a vision of what the perfect atmosphere of a Swedish restaurant, Swedish food and great beers can be.

Swedish food – Food in flow with the seasons

Bryggeri Ångkvarn has since the start had Swedish and Nordic cuisine as a basis for what we serve. This means that everything we cook, we do from scratch. We stuff our own sausages and serve mushrooms, vegetables and herbs picked locally. If you want ketchup with your food, we have made it ourselves. If you want bread, we baked it.

As the Nordic climate has great variation, Bryggeri Ångkvarn follow the seasons and serve food from the local area of Uppsala as far as it’s possible. This gives us a unique opportunity to offer exciting options throughout the year. Whether it’s fresh primeurs, lingonberries picked in the Uppsala forests or home-picked elderberry.

Exciting flavors, classic ingredients in our Nordic cuisine

What defines Bryggeri Ångkvarn is largely the ingredients, creativity, and passion we put into always being able to offer something our guests didn’t expect without losing the feeling of traditional well-cooked Swedish food. This means that we offer something exciting throughout the whole year. Around the turn of the year, we experiment with pickled vegetables. During spring and summer we use asparagus, beets, radishes, sugar peas and primeurs. Around the autumn we have worked with lamb, apples, and slow cooked stews. For us, it is always important that the food is home-made, local and that it should taste good.

Unique menu among Uppsala’s restaurants

Our vision is that you as a guest come to us because you love robust food made from scratch. You come to us because you want quality and solid craftsmanship, both in the food and the beer we lovingly crafted. We are convinced that we are Uppsala’s coziest restaurant and pub.

For us, craftsmanship is the key to why we are so proud of our unique restaurant. We are a brewery pub and this characterizes the atmosphere, the menu and the cozy atmosphere when you come to us. You are welcome to join us for a dining experience or if you want to try one of our wide variety of beers. We promise that we have something exciting and good to offer. A warm welcome to Bryggeri Ångkvarn!

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